hi, i’m marika day

Founder of fuelled, dietitian and nutritionist

fuelled is here to help you fuel your body, build healthy habits and feel confident in your skin.

My mission is to arm you with the tools, knowledge, and community that you deserve to help you be the best version of yourself. I want to change the way we talk about and engage with health and nutrition so that we don’t waste the best years of our lives hungry, confused, overwhelmed, or lacking confidence.

my journey

It’s not all green juices, activewear and sunshine.

My life hasn’t always been about health, and while I’d love to say I transformed my life overnight and now live a healthy lifestyle with ease, I’d be lying and setting unrealistic expectations.

From perfectionism, coeliac disease, injuries, unhealthy diets, anxiety, depression, and the occasional existential crisis… It’s been a ride.

What I’ve learnt is feeling good is about far more than how you look. It’s the confidence you get from being proud of yourself, the glow you get from fuelling your body, and the strength you have to get through life’s challenges.


what is fuelled?

fuelled is an online program that simplifies nutrition to help you fuel your body and live your
healthiest, happiest life. fuelled is a real, raw and honest approach to health, nutrition, body image and
the journey of life.


healthy meals you’ll actually enjoy


information you can trust


meditations that speak to your soul


a community that cares

  • healthy, delicious, easy recipes and menu planning
  • courses to help you live a healthy, balanced life
  • meditations to build confidence and reduce stress
  • no BS diets, weigh ins or transformation pics, ever!

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fuelled by Marika Day is working in partnership with AIA Vitality, a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing
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