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Absolutely not! Fuelled is for anyone who wants to have a healthy balanced approach to nutrition.

We are not. We are a nutrition and health program. Our aim is to help you fuel your body so you can be the healthiest, happiest version of you. For some health may mean weight loss, for others weight gain and for others it means simply improving your daily habits. For that reason we do not advertise as a weight loss program, there are enough damaging weight loss programs out there. We’re here to provide a different approach to health.

Fuelled does not have any exercise or fitness. We’ve left that to the experts and kept fuelled to what we know best, nutrition! You can use fuelled in conjunction with any fitness programs you are currently using to maximise the benefits.

That we will do! Between our educational videos, mini courses, our meditations and of course our incredible community you will see your relationship with food and your body improve by the day.

You certainly can. We’d recommend choosing the active menu if you are looking for something to follow and adjusting based on your hunger levels. You will need to adapt a few recipes that contain soft cheeses and ensure all meats are cooked through.

We offer 3 month, 6 month and 12 month memberships options you can find out more about the membership options here.

Absolutely. You can join from anywhere in the world. Our recipes use metric measurements so you may need to convert some measurements.

As much or as little as you wish. If you want to spend time bingeing away on our videos to learn more about how to eat for your body you can, otherwise you can pop on quickly for recipe inspiration and meal planning. The power is in your hands.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the program? Yes we are a web based program so you will need to use the internet to access the fuelled program.

In the program we have a tracking component where you can record important progress like your mood, your energy levels, stress, sleep and hydration.

Food Questions

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Yes absolutely! Not only do we have plenty of vegetarian and vegan recipes we also have dietitian created weekly menus for both vegetarian and vegan diets.

Absolutely not. Fuelled is about balance and flexibility, so we’ve left the option up to you. If you want to follow one of our dietitian created, nutritionally balanced menus you can. Alternatively, you can plan your own weekly meals based on recipes of your choice. We strongly encourage you to build your own menu which is filled with all the foods you enjoy and built to suit your lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on simple, healthy, yet still delicious meals. Ain’t nobody got time to be in the kitchen flexing their masterchef skills on a Tuesday evening. Our recipes will be suitable for even the newbies in the kitchen.

We don’t do ridiculous expensive wellness ingredients. Where possible our meals are incredibly affordable and we even have a recipe collection dedicated to meals that are less than $5 per serve.

​Most of our recipes have been based on 4 serves for lunches and dinners and 1-2 serves for breakfasts.

Our meal plans were all created by expert dietitians to ensure that your health is at the forefront. We have looked at balancing your carbs protein and fats across the day as well as ensuring you’re getting a good balance of all food groups.

Yess! Nearly all of our recipes are gluten free or have an easy option to swap to gluten free - the perks of having a coeliac founder!

You can choose to turn “on” or “off” the nutrition information for the recipes when you sign up. We wanted to leave this in your hands as we know some people can be triggered by calories and macros and others find them really useful. You can easily swap between settings in the profile if you change your mind.

We created 3 different menus based on 3 different activity or energy levels. All 3 menus help you fuel your body based on your activity levels. Healthy is for those who aren’t very active <2 times per week, nourished is for those who exercise 2-4 times per week and active is for those who exercise 5+ times per week. You can learn more about adapting menu’s to suit you once you’re in the program.

Hub Questions

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Think of the hub as the Netflix of nutrition. You can binge watch countless videos helping you understand how to eat and live better. We have short videos answering your nutrition questions as well as mini courses diving deeper into specific topics like emotional eating.

Not at all, the hub is there for you to refer back to when you have a nutrition question you want answered, from someone you trust. The hub will always be there for you.

New videos and mini courses are added every single month!

Absolutely! We suggest posting your question into the Facebook community. Each month we will compile the questions and add those most frequently asked to the hub.

Mind Questions

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The mind pillar is our content hub for all things related to your mental wellbeing. Here you will find meditations, journal prompts and mindfulness exercises that relate to specific struggles we commonly see among our community.

​Health is about so much more than what we eat. Often when we struggle with our diet, what we are really struggling with is behaviour change, habits, confidence and emotional coping. The mind is where these things originate, if we simply applied a diet to these things it would be a temporary band-aid. We want to get to the core to help create lasting change.

All of our meditations and mindfulness exercises are suitable for beginners through to the more advanced. Our meditations are guided, meaning that even if your mind wanders, we will help you stay focused throughout the


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Our fuelled community lives on Facebook. You can request to join the community here. You will be asked to submit the email address that is linked to your fuelled membership on joining.

The fuelled community is your place to connect with others, to share your journey (the highs and the lows) and to feel supported in every way possible. Ask as many questions as you like, share pics of your fave food, and support others. We will be waiting for you there.

Yes! Our community is a safe space and that means we do need have rules. You can read the full list of rules in the community here. If you violate these rules you will be removed from the group promptly.

Account and Subscriptions

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* need input from Sentius as to how the data is stored on the website

You can reset your password by selecting forgot password on the login page.

​You can cancel your subscription, however you pay for the period upfront so you will not receive a refund for any amount. If you cancel it simply means your membership will expire at the end of th current membership period.

You can change your payment information on the profile section of the website once you have logged in.

  • healthy, delicious, easy recipes and menu planning
  • courses to help you live a healthy, balanced life
  • meditations to build confidence and reduce stress
  • no BS diets, weigh ins or transformation pics, ever!

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